LGBT Quit Smoking

A statewide committee of members of Stop Tobacco On My People (STOMP), a tobacco disparities network, has been formed to raise awareness in the LGBT community. STOMP has adopted an LGBT-specific cessation program, "The Last Drag," and provides the six-week workshops twice a year in Albuquerque and Santa Fe . The committee has also trained New Mexico 's free tobacco help line 1-800-QUIT NOW in LGBT sensitivity.

Who We Are
We are a network of communities who have especially felt the negative effects of tobacco. We have come together to jointly address the tobacco-related health problems of our various communities. Our network is currently comprised of racial/ethnic communities, women, gays and lesbians, low-income people, persons living with disabilities, 18-24 year olds, and those living in the rural areas of New Mexico .

What's Our Purpose
We have adopted as our mission: "To promote awareness and action among New Mexicans disproportionately affected by tobacco in order to eliminate health dispariti

What We Do
Our network-STOMP-is dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to counter the toll that tobacco has taken on our communities. We:•  Involve our community leaders in education, prevention, policy and advocacy efforts•  Inform and educate our community members and leaders re: the effects of tobacco on our respective communities•  Advocate for the state to gather specific data on tobacco abuse and its health effects on each of our communities•  Conduct forums, trainings and community meetings aimed at increasing participation of civil rights and advocacy organizations in the campaign to reduce tobacco use

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We’re Taking Action
Fighting the targeting of our community by tobacco industry advertising; Raising awareness of the danger of smoking to our community through presentations, flyers, palm cards, magnets and ads; Working with youth who are at the highest risk for smoking; Sponsoring free LGBTQI-specific cessation sessions called “The Last Drag”

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The Good News
Two thirds of us don’t smokeAlmost 9 in 10 believe that indoor work areas should be entirely smoke free82% of us who smoke are thinking about, planning to or trying to quit62% of us tried to quit for at least one day in the past year

LGBT Quit Smoking

We are a coalition of community-based organizations and individuals working to address the disparity of tobacco in our community. Find ways to raise awareness about tobacco in your area. Create a comfortable environment for your LGBT clients Find out what LGBTQI STOMP is doing next!


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